Baby Heartburn

It can be very difficult as a first time parent, or even as a second or third time parent, to distinguish the different types of crying a baby makes. However, there is a consistent cry that is obviously pain. If your baby is waking every half hour or hour in […] Read more »

Babies With Acid Reflux: Symptoms, Help and Support

Are you struggling with a non-sleeping baby? I mean really really non-sleeping? Perhaps your child wakes every two hours, or sometimes even several times an hour? Is your child in a twilight zone where he seems to want to sleep but can’t? The cry is one of pain. You know […] Read more »

Baby Colic Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

No mother wants to hear her child cry. However, crying is good for a baby as it helps to develop the lungs. There are times when this can become excessive though. If your baby seems to be wailing more often than most newborns, he or she may be experiencing baby […] Read more »

What Are Reflux Infants?

You will often hears mothers talk about reflux infants and wonder exactly what this is. Reflux occurs when stomach contents travel back up the oesophagus. They may stay in this tube or they may enter the throat and mouth. More than half of all newborns experience this is the first […] Read more »

Baby Colic Relief: Symptoms and Solutions

All babies have tummy ache at some point. However, about 25% of infants worldwide fall into the criteria used to medically diagnose colic; within this there is a great range in the severity of their pain. Although this is very different to baby acid reflux, I thought it was worth […] Read more »

Will a Baby Reflux Wedge Aid My Baby’s Sleep?

How to sleep a reflux baby: considering wedges and other ideas. Even laying a reflux baby down to change him/her can trigger the pain. Parents need to think about how to help them sleep. In the past a baby reflux wedge might have been suggested, but the US FDA has […] Read more »

Learning About Silent Reflux in Babies

Silent reflux is when a baby is suffering from acid reflux, sometimes called GERD, but the visible signs are not very obvious. Most reflux babies vomit, or spit up and therefore often loose weight or fail to put on an appropriate amount of weight after birth. The symptoms of this […] Read more »

Do You Need To Understand Baby Reflux Symptoms?

What is Acid Reflux? Acid reflux is when your baby has an underdeveloped digestive tract. This is, of course true of all babies to some degree for the first nine months of their lives, but about 20% of babies have a particular problem. As a mother, I want to help […] Read more »