Babies With Acid Reflux: Symptoms, Help and Support

Are you struggling with a non-sleeping baby? I mean really really non-sleeping?

Perhaps your child wakes every two hours, or sometimes even several times an hour? Is your child in a twilight zone where he seems to want to sleep but can’t? The cry is one of pain. You know it’s not wind: he has winded really well. You know it is not colic: his little legs are not kicking up and down towards his tummy. Yet you know that he is in terrible pain somehow.

It is possible that your’s is one of a number of babies with acid reflux. Acid reflux comes in two main forms. There is the spit up, vomiting type which is usually recognised very quickly as there is a visible and physical sign of the baby’s pain and a recovery after the child has vomited up. Often there is an obvious problem as the baby is not putting on enough weight as a lot of the milk is coming up again and not staying down to be digested. You as a parent or a professional will have picked this up and probably diagnosed acid reflux.

With it come some of the worries, mainly if there is an associated breathing problem, but most of the worries are manageable with sensible feeding. Some relatively mild medication available through your doctor or paediatrician will help, as will the knowledge that it will come to an end as your child grows out of it.

There is, however, another type of acid reflux which is often diagnosed much later. It is called silent baby reflux. The baby regurgitates the milk in the same way as the babies with acid reflux but it does not vomit. The regurgitated milk runs up the oesophagus and back, or sometimes it runs up into the mouth and gets swallowed back down the throat. Babies with this type of silent reflux are often in more pain as the acidy liquid is running up and down their delicate gullets and causing very severe heartburn.

As well as this, the oesophagus and throat and often sinuses can become very raw and give constant pain in your baby’s life. This can mean that unlike acid reflux babies, who are fussy and really difficult to feed as feeding is associated with pain and vomiting, they often crave milk even when they are not hungry just to soothe their sore throat and the rawness they are feeling all the way down through their chest.

If you are a parent of a silent reflux baby it is important to get some help. This means both medical help and help in the home, especially if you have other young children. You will need sleep.

Be aware that you are in for the long haul. There is nothing very serious to worry about if your baby has average reflux as he will grow out of it somewhere between one and two years of age and by about ten months of age it will be diminishing enough for him to learn to sleep through the pain if it comes in the night. However, although it is a short term problem for you and your child, it is a long haul with a baby who might be up anywhere between three and eight times a night. Say yes to help, in fact seek it out so that you can get a nights sleep on a regular basis. The happier you are and the less tired that you are the more able you are to help your baby and to have fun with him and any other children during the day. This is really important with reflux babies. You need to enjoy the times of laughter when your baby is out of pain as much as possible.

There are ways of feeding and weaning which are as important as any medication which your paediatrician might prescribe. Little and often is good advice and more solids as soon as possible with as little acidic food as possible, especially near bedtime.

You may feel overwhelmed from lack of sleep and powerlessness to keep your baby out of pain, but you will be fine and so will your baby. Just stay focused on your own knowledge of your baby and what works for you both and for your whole family.

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